Regional Economic Development

The Waikato region is a medium-sized economy with a strong primary production and agri-manufacturing focus. 

The region contributes 8.5 per cent of national GDP, provides 9.1 per cent of national employment and is home to  9.4 per cent of New Zealand’s population


MBIE Regional Economic Activity Report

[image] Cover of the Regional Economic Activity Report 2014. The Regional Economic Activity Report presents comprehensive economic data on New Zealand’s 16 regions. The report, which is released annually, also identifies specific initiatives under way in each region through the Government’s Business Growth Agenda.

It highlights the strengths and challenges each region faces and is a useful tool to support planning at all levels.


Regional Activitiy Report (2014)



Economic Reports and Indicators

Information you need to know about Hamilton City.


2013 Annual Report by Infometrics Ltd

The Hamilton City Economic Profile is an interactive annual report providing a comprehensive overview of the economic health of the city. To view the online Annual Economic Profile for 2013 for Hamilton City click on the following link and the Profile will open in a new window.