Mission, Vision and Values of Waikato Chamber of Commerce


Our vision is - Champions of Waikato Business
Our mission is - To inspire and enable business vitality


The Waikato Chamber of Commerce's role is to influence and inspire business to deliver success. As a not-for-profit membership association, the Waikato Chamber of Commerce promotes supports and encourages sustainable and profitable business growth. We act as an advocate to be the collective voice of our members in the Waikato region.


The Chamber does this by positively influencing the environment in which businesses operate and by providing training, information and support. The Waikato Chamber of Commerce offers a range of opportunities, products, services and savings as part of membership, while supporting businesses in their growth and success.


Because of the Chamber's long standing position in the community, we are seen as a credible source of knowledge and information for other organisations. The Chamber enjoys close relationships with industry bodies within local and national business communities including government, institutions, other associations and the media.