Upcoming Events

November 2014

3rd November 2014

Business for Lunch-Topic: 4 Ways to Fortune: REAL profits through focussed marketing

Each session includes a short presentation focusing on one specific subject which is then followed by an open forum this working group will allow businesses to discuss a specific subject which is known in advance or discuss any other issue that is effe

17th November 2014

Business for Lunch-Topic: “Stop selling like an amateur” with Steve Lee

Learn the five most common sales mistakes made by small businesses and what do about them

18th November 2014

St Paul’s Collegiate School BA5

The agricultural industry needs more than farmers. They need scientists, engineers, economists, accountants, marketing, business professionals and much more. However, there are currently only 250 graduates coming out of our universities with agriculture-r

28th November 2014

BB8 The Salvation Army

Join us for another hearty breakfast cooked by our team from WINTEC. This year we are promoting our Positive Lifestyle Programme - a life changing approach to helping families develop a more sustainable and independent existence.

December 2014

3rd December 2014

BA5 – Advance Physiotherapy

Advance Physiotherapy’s desire for every person who comes through their door is that they enjoy everyday life without the restriction of pain.