Inspire is a monthly speaking event, designed to stimulate potential and aspiration in your business, family, health, community and life. Inspire has been gathering since 2007.

The events are held on the first Wednesday of every month, featuring inspiring stories from local guest speakers.

Sponsored by Vision Complete Earthworks Ltd.  Speaker gifts are provided by Alexmarie Flowers, Plants and Gifts.  


February 2023 - Simon Bridges

March 2023 - Erana Severne (Wise group)

April 2023 - Norris Ward McKinnon

May 2023 - Jane Searle (Child Matters)

June 2023 - Chistopher Luxon

July 2023 - Sarah Laurie (Take a Breath)

August 2023 - Simon Graafhuis (Chiefs)

September 2023 - Rob Waddell

October 2023 - Astra Patmore (Community Link Trust)

November 2023 - Alicia McKay

If you would like to speak at an Inspire event get in touch!


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