Interview with Cathan Bowler, host of The Story Hub podcast

The Chamber loves shining a spotlight on inspiring Waikato stories, which is why we’re proud to support The Story Hub Podcast by Chamber member Cathan Bowler of BNZ. Check out our interview with him below.

The Story Hub Podcast helps you be inspired & learn from the journeys of successful kiwi professionals. Check it out on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I'm proudly Hamilton born & raised, a part of Rototuna Primary, Fairfield Intermediate, Hamilton Boys High and finishing my studies at Waikato University receiving a Bachelor of Management Studies with first class honours, majoring in Strategy & Finance. I'm married to my beautiful wife Honour and have grown up being involved in Activate Church Hamilton. I currently work at BNZ as a Home Loan Partner –  helping people achieve their property dreams whether it is purchasing your first home, investment property, or building.

What inspired you to start the podcast?

I am convinced New Zealand has many incredibly inspiring people with stories worth learning from. During my management consulting internship at KPMG in Wellington, I asked 42 different people in coffee catch-ups the simple questions of "What's your story in how you got to where you are today? And what did you learn along the way?” Those conversations made me realise there is so much wisdom to be learnt from others, there are so many stories just waiting to be shared to inspire and help people live smarter. So I purchased 2 mics, found some people interested in the project and started the show.

What’s the podcast about and who is the target audience?

The Story Hub is a podcast here to Inspire & help you Live Smarter through successful Kiwi Professionals Wisdom, Practical Tips & Stories. On the show we bring you long form conversations (45 mins - 2 hours) talking about our guest's journey and what they have learnt along the way so you can have a more successful life & career.

We are here for those who long to fulfil their potential, people who strive for success and growth. The Story Hub is for those people who fight mediocrity and want to live smarter than they currently are. You don't need to know where you are heading, just be passionate to find out.

How do you choose which guests to interview?

Those local successful professionals who are inspiring, and have thought provoking stories so we can reflect and learn from them in our own lives. Often our guests aren't the most high profile, but rather are private and humble. But that's why the conversations are so fascinating – it's not stories you've heard in this way before. Each conversation is different & engaging.

What’s been your biggest learning from making the podcast?

One of my favourite learnings from having these quality conversations is to listen to the words that aren't being said. When I ask questions, it is almost as important to understand what the person didn't say – whether the question is about what their biggest learning curve may have been. How we answer questions helps say a lot about our perspective and there is a lot to learn from what is and isn't emphasised.

What are your future plans for the podcast?

What you can expect this year are 10 high quality, in-depth conversations with some of New Zealand’s successful Professionals in a range of industries. So from February to November expect one brand new episode each month! We promise engaging conversations that combine the best of personal stories, wisdom & practical advice. We are also launching the Live Smarter podcast bringing 5-10min clips of our most memorable moments from our long form Story Hub conversations. You can find these shows on Apple, Spotify or anywhere you get podcasts.

What do you love most about living in the Waikato?

The mighty Waikato is a vibrant community with businesses and people committed to long-term investment in the region. You can see this by the beautiful buildings being constructed in the city and the passionate towns, each with their own distinct feel. This genuine commitment and vision for the future I believe is what makes our business community so strong. From a lifestyle perspective what you love is nearby, whether it's a beach on the east or west coast or the Rotorua lakes.


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