To make sure your organisation gets the most out of its Chamber membership, we recommend you complete all the steps below. 

If you have any questions regarding these, contact the Chamber's Marketing, Events and Membership Coordinator Danielle Quigg.




Setting up your profile in the member portal 

Our member portal (Chambermaster) is your key to many of the benefits of a Chamber membership. If you haven’t received an email to create an account, or cannot log in for any reason, contact Danielle.

Click here for instructions on updating your profile.


Informing your staff members of your membership

All staff in your organisation are entitled to enjoy the benefits of Chamber membership.

Click the button below to download a file we suggest you send to them to inform them of the opportunities and ensure you are getting value for money from your membership. 

To get them setup in our system so they can register directly for events, you have two options:

  1. Follow the steps in the Updating your employee list section here so they receive an invite email directly from our system. We recommend also sending them the below document outlining the benefits and mentioning that they should have received a link to sign up to register for events if they wish to do so.

  2. Send the below document to your staff and ask them to reply to you if they wish to setup an account, then follow the steps in the Updating your employee list section here.


Promotion opportunities

A Chamber membership gives your brand a platform to thousands of other members and non-members throughout the Waikato.

Paid advertising options in our newsletter, through your own exclusive EDM to our database and on our website are available to all members. Check out the options here, and download our advertising pack to see the potential reach your promotion can have. 

Join our private LinkedIn and Facebook B2B groups which you are free to post in to keep other members up to date with your product offerings, special deals, events and more.

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We send out a fortnightly newsletter keeping our membership updated on events, member news, new member profiles, happenings around the region, resources to help them and their business, updates on discounts and more.

Each month, Chamber CEO Don Good pens his Thoughts from the CEO newsletter which is designed to challenge our current thinking, and open us up to new ideas and ways of doing things. 

  1. Subscribe to the fortnightly newsletter.

  2. Subscribe to Thoughts from the CEO.

  3. If you'd like to advertise in the fortnightly newsletter or send out your own EDM, see the Promotion opportunities section.

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Social media

Keep up to date with the goings on of the Chamber, our members and Waikato news & events by following us on social media. We'll even give you a follow back!

  1. Follow us on Facebook.

  2. Follow us on LinkedIn.

  3. Follow us on Instagram.

  4. Join our private LinkedIn and Facebook B2B groups which you are
    free to post in to keep other members up to date with your product offerings, special deals, events and more. 

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Make the most of being a Chamber member, and potentially make back the cost of your membership, by taking advantage of the discounts available to you and your colleagues:

National Alliance Partner deals.

The easiest way to access National Alliance Partner discounts is through our app which you can download for iPhone or Android. Make sure to register with your work email so we can verify you for access.

Member to Member deals

Click here to access these deals. 

To ensure you are kept informed of the latest deals, subscribe to our newsletter.

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Methods of payment

We offer a range of different ways you can pay your Chamber membership with Direct Debit being our preferred method of payment and is one of the simplest ways to pay your annual membership. 

More information can be viewed here.

We appreciate your prompt payment of membership invoices. 

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