New Zealand’s first Parental Leave register launched by Crayon

New Zealand’s first Parental Leave register was launched by Crayon in March

The register allows businesses and parents-to-be to have a common place to find parental leave policies from over 180 companies, covering 1 in 6 employed New Zealanders. This is the first register globally to have verified information at a level of detail that can truly help expecting Kiwis plan for one of life’s biggest changes.

Crayon Founder, Stephanie Pow understands the importance of transparency between employers and parents to be. "We have always been clear that the register would not be a tool to rank or rate employers’ parental leave policies. The name of the game for us is transparency. We are just as delighted when an employer who offers the statutory entitlements joins the register as when an employer who has a market-leading policy does."

"We’ve been overwhelmed by the support of the employer community to show transparency and support for Kiwis preparing for parenthood. They range from organisations with 4 employees to 40,000+ and include eight of NZ’s largest 10 employers."

David McLean former Westpac CEO, Professional Director and member of National Advisory Council on the Employment of Women, admits he “would have loved to have spent more time with his children when they were young” and taking parental leave was just not done by men.”

Find out more about the register here. Crayon also have a growing Employer Hub for organisations navigating parental leave.


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