A farewell to two Hamilton MPs

In today‚Äôs world the concept of elected service to your community is forgotten by many, yet we want the best, most meritorious candidates to represent us in Parliament or on Council. 

Whatever your politics, when Members of Parliament voluntarily close their political careers and get the opportunity to look back on their time in Parliament, with its review of why they stood for election, we should read or listen to their speeches in appreciation of their service.

It is easy to be partisan and block your ears to the words of the people and parties you may not support. But the Chamber is a broad church with its members spread across the political spectrum.

In the hurly burly of electioneering, we as voters often miss why a candidate stands for election.

Accordingly, when two of our serving politicians deliver their valedictories, we make them available to you, our members.

Hamilton East has both Jamie Strange and David Bennett retiring this electoral cycle. Here are their Valedictory speeches. 

Read David's speech here or watch it here

Read Jamie's speech here or watch it here


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