Long-Term Plan (LTP) Season

By Chamber CEO, Don Good

It's LTP season throughout the country as local councils rewrite their long-term plans. Most are going to the Bank of Ratepayers for double digit increases at a time when Kiwis are coping with a cost of living crisis.

With the Consumer Price Index rising by 20% since the start of 2020, that has eroded households’ purchasing power. It’s been particularly tough for those households on lower incomes as much of the rise in living costs relates to necessities, like housing rents (up 17% since 2020), food (up 23%) and utilities/property services (up 18%).

The Chamber’s submission to Hamilton City Council points out both the good and bad. Councillors have already pared back expenditure strongly and that is to be applauded, however, they still are asking for a 20% increase after a 5% increase last year, so they do not deserve to get off the hook of public outcry.

The Chamber has voiced previously, and continues to be of the opinion, that financial prudence by local government is of the utmost importance, not just now but for the foreseeable future.

Not just for today’s residents and ratepayers, but for those generations that will follow.

Read the Waikato Chamber of Commerce submission to the Hamilton City Council below.


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