Meet our Branch Manager, Jenny MacGregor

Jenny MacGregor is the latest addition to the Waikato Chamber of Commerce team. We sat down with her to learn more about her background and introduce her to our members. 

Hey Jenny, welcome to the team, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Sure! I’ve spent most of my life in Hamilton since moving here when I was 7, bar my OE where I lived in London and Dublin for four years. I’m very busy with my kids sports having 3 Waikato representatives in the family. This has me spending a lot of my spare time as an unpaid Uber driver taking my kids from practice to games. When I can get out of Hamilton you can find me at Pauanui beach enjoying the sun with my family. 

Tell us about your work history.

I’ve spent the majority of my professional career working in the dairy and technology industries, working for Canpac, More4apps & Anago. My roles before joining the Chamber included key account and partnership management, where I worked with international clients including Fortune 500 customers companies like Starbucks, Facebook and Tyson Foods, the biggest meat producer in the U.S.

What does your role at the Chamber entail?

I am joining the Chamber as the new Branch Manager, responsible for the effective daily running of the Chamber and successfully delivering benefits to our members. I will be the key contact for the Waikato Business Awards moving forward, and I’m really looking forward to executing the detailed plan Sarah Hogan has created.

What are your strengths and skills?

My ability to collaborate and my attention to detail. I have great interpersonal skills and get a real sense of satisfaction from building relationships. I love getting to know people and finding that common ground where both parties can get value and walk away happy. I think that is a real key to success for any organisation and part of the skill set I bring to the table. 

What are you looking forward to bringing to the Chamber?

I think I can bring in some energetic leadership and continue building upon nurturing the existing mutually beneficial relationships. I believe my background in delivering successful outcomes to major international clients alongside Kiwi based business will help me identify areas of further growth for the Chamber and bring additional value to our members. 

Where is your favourite place in the Waikato?

I’m a bit of a fitness junkie so I really love the Hakarimatas and climbing the 1,349 steps sometimes up to 3 times a week. I really enjoy the physical and mental challenges of it and also the tranquillity of being out in the bush and being able to detox from the stresses of the day. There’s a really great community of people who frequently use the Huks, full of positivity and encouragement. I find it to be quite representative of the people we have here in the Waikato.


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