Waka Kotahi & Coromandel

We must give credit where and when it is due. 

Waka Kotahi NZTA deserves a bouquet for the work they are doing to not only rectify SH25A across the Coromandel Peninsula, but they have given business owners a time frame for completion.

Moving to a 24/7 shiftwork programme and to publicly proclaim a completion date of the end of March 2024 has given the Coromandel business community certainty and with that they have given confidence to the families, the suppliers, and the holidaying public, that the Coromandel has a future.

More than that, their PR machine has been giving regular updates which keeps those struggling with a lack of sales, a tight cash flow and dwindling cash reserves the certain knowledge of progress and that informs a business person’s decision making.

Rectifying 25A is a major task in a tight timeframe, but NZTA are up for the challenge and that is wonderful to see.


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