CadetMax is a youth employment service that prepares and supports young people (aged 18-24) into work. CadetMax provide fun and effective work readiness training, great career advice, and gives young people the tools they need to thrive in the workforce. The Waikato Chamber cooperates with the Ministry of Social Development and the Auckland Business Chamber to deliver this service in the Waikato.

This service provides potential employers access to qualified and supported young jobseekers. Training sessions for these jobseekers happen throughout the year, and include short, casual networking events where you can meet and talk with these jobseekers. If you wish to be kept informed of when these events are taking place, please contact us.

 Meet the Cadets

Find out what industries the latest Cadets are interested in being employed in, their CV's and comments from the Chamber team below. 


Employer Networking Events

Discover a wealth of talent at our upcoming 30-minute network event, where you'll meet a diverse range of exceptional cadets.  FLEXI-WAGE is available for all cadets and bring your business card to win at a $50.00 Hoyts Movie voucher.

Employer Networking Event- 4 June



Employers that take on CadetMax candidates for 30-plus hours per week are eligible for Flexi-wage subsidies of around $8-9,000 for up to six months.
And once the cadets start work, they continue to be mentored by CadetMax staff for six months so that they’re settled in their new environment.


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