• Development for you and your business begins at entry. Entering creates an opportunity to focus on your business in a structured way and identify core strengths and competitive advantages as well as areas that may benefit from more focus in the future.

• Improve. All entrants receive independent assessment and feedback from experienced judges; providing the business with independent advice to grow, develop and improve for business in general and for entering in future awards.

• Goal Setting. Judges’ feedback supports internal goal setting for even further development for the business, its owners and employees.

• Network. Participation in the awards provides networking opportunities with other business leaders and professionals, who are all striving for excellence.

• Recognition of Success. Award winners receive public recognition of business success being acknowledged as the best in the Waikato in your industry by your peers, the business community, media and potential employees.

• Recruitment. Being an award finalist and/or winner provides credibility to attract key talent to your business.

• Appreciation. The award process provides a platform that acknowledges the contributions made by your employees, suppliers, clients and others to your organisation’s success.

• Publicity. Award participation provides another dimension for showcasing your services and products to a wider audience, and enhances your reputation in your customer’s eyes.

• Alumni. All finalists and winners will join past Waikato Business Award alumni and will gain recognition from the business community – promoting their achievements and assisting in growing the Waikato’s business success story.


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