What are the Waikato Business Awards?

The Waikato Chamber of Commerce Business Awards supported by Foster Construction Group are a celebration of the strong business community we have in the Waikato. 

Who can participate in the Waikato Business Awards?

Any business, based in the Waikato Region, that meets the entry criteria of the awards.  

Do I have to be a member of the Waikato Chamber of Commerce to enter the awards? 

No. Businesses do not need to be members of the Waikato Chamber of Commerce to enter. 

What are the benefits of participating in the Waikato Business Awards? 

  • Development for you and your business begins at entry. Entering creates an opportunity to focus on your business in a structured way and identify core strengths and competitive advantages as well as areas that may benefit from more focus in the future. 

  • Improve. All entrants receive independent assessment and feedback from experienced judges; providing the business with independent advice to grow, develop and improve for business in general and for entering in future awards. 

  • Goal Setting. Judges’ feedback supports internal goal setting for even further development for the business, its owners and employees. 

  • Your Network is your net worth. Participation in the awards provides networking opportunities with other business leaders and professionals, who are all striving for excellence. 

  • Recognition of Success. Award winners receive public recognition of business success being acknowledged as the best in the Waikato in your industry by your peers, the business community, media and potential employees. 

  • Appreciation. The award process provides a platform that acknowledges the contributions made by your employees, suppliers, clients and others to your organisation’s success. 

  • Publicity. Award participation provides another dimension for showcasing your services and products to a wider audience and enhances your reputation in your customer’s eyes.  

  • To inspire others. All finalists and winners will join past Waikato Business Award alumni and will gain recognition from the business community – promoting their achievements and assisting in growing the Waikato’s business success story. 

How much does it cost to enter the Waikato Business Awards? 

The initial entry fee is $199+GST for the first entry, additional entries will be charged at the rate of $99+GST each. The fee is payable at the time of submission. 

How are the awards categories determined? 

Awards categories are chosen through monitoring industry trends, stakeholder input, market research, feedback, and alignment with objectives. They are designed to recognise excellence, i nnovation, and impact within the industry or field. 

I’m not sure what category I should enter. How do I know which category is best for my business?  

You can complete our online ‘Find your Category’ quiz on the Waikato Business Awards website. (Coming soon). 

Can I enter my business for more than one award?  

You are eligible to enter more than one category as long as the work submitted meets the criteria. 

What are the key dates I need to know if I’m entering the awards? 

  • Entries open on 29 April 2024 

  • Drop-in help session dates: May & June – dates TBC 

  • Entry submissions deadline: 1 July 2024 at midday. Please note, the entry deadline is final. No extensions will be provided (the system will automatically prevent entry submissions after the deadline) 

  • Finalists announced: 19 September 2024 

  • Awards presentations ceremony: 1 November 2024 .

How can I nominate my business for the Waikato Business Awards? 

You can enter the awards via the online awards platform

What is the judging process for the Waikato Business Awards? 

The process by which entries are evaluated and winners selected involves two distinct stages. During the first stage, the judges review all online entries and use specific criteria to shortlist the most promising candidates for the second stage. The second stage varies depending on the category and involves either a site visit for businesses or an interview for individuals. This process allows for a thorough assessment of each candidate's strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately identifies the most deserving winners.   

When and where are the Waikato Business Awards held? 

The 2024 Waikato Business Awards will be held on Friday 15 November, Globox Arena, Claudelands. 

Are there sponsorship opportunities available for the Waikato Business Awards? 

Currently all sponsorship opportunities are allocated for 2024. However, if you are interested in sponsoring the event, please register your interest with Jenny Macgregor - 

I’ve still got questions around entering the awards. Can I talk to someone about my application? 

Drop-in sessions to answer any entry questions will be held with Dr. Heather Connolly, Head Judge and Rebecca Aston, WCOC Event Manager.  Dates to be confirmed.  

Who can I contact for more information about the Waikato Business Awards? 

If you have any questions about entering or the awards events please contact the Event Manager, Rebecca Aston –  

How can I attend the Waikato Business Awards ceremony?

You will be able to purchase a table for the Awards Dinner on the Waikato Chamber website. Details to come. 



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